princes in the tower workshops_March2011


Princes in the Tower is a Renaissance musical trio comprising vocals, lute/cittern, drums and woodwind.
We deliver our Tudor Workshop in and around the London area with the emphasis on learning through fun and participation, with an eye on the National Curriculum.

Workshop description
A demonstration of Tudor-era musical instruments is given followed by a discussion of life in Tudor England and the Tudor court. Pupils are taught a dance, to musical accompaniment, and the art of bowing culminating in an entertaining ‘Bow-off’. The relevance of songs in Tudor society is discussed as a living, historical conduit to the past. From our notes of the discussions, a song is written by the children, which is performed at the end of the session, with dancing and bowing.
(The song is recorded and will be made available to the school.)

Aims and objectives

a) To improve oracy and literacy through writing lyrics, singing and debate

b) To ignite a passion for history in children

c) To encourage confidence and empowerment through performance

Ability: Primary Schools Years 3 – 6 / Secondary Years 7 – 8. Max Capacity: 30 per session
Space: School Hall/ Music Room. Duration: 1½ hours with a 5 minute performance at the end
Outcomes: Song recorded and given to the class
Cost: £500 day (3 x workshops – each for 30 students) or £350 half day (2 x workshops – each for 30 students)




The Princes in the Tower have created an excellent Tudor workshop that combines many aspects of the National Curriculum with fun and excitement. It gives children of all abilities a chance to learn through active participation, and it captivates their imagination. From their costumes to their instruments the Princes in the Tower offer an authentic and humorous Tudor experience.
Mr Wenban 5W – Eastcourt Independent School, Goodmayes

“We made a great song about Henry VIII’s life;
My name is Henry and I have six wives,
Sadly for them they only had one life.
I wanted a son but I only had one.
I like to eat wild boar, goose and heron. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and my favourite part was learning about the Spanish Armada.”

Shashwat 4K – Eastcourt Independent School, Goodmayes

“The Princes In The Tower played a song which the Tudors sang when Queen Elizabeth I defeated the Spanish
Armada. After we learnt it we sang and danced. The dancing was funny and happiness glinted in my
eyes when it was my turn.”

Adhya 4K – Eastcourt Independent School, Goodmayes

“Princes in the Tower’s ‘Tudor Music Workshop’ was highly entertaining and brought a sense of living history to the school, with pupil interaction in song writing and performance, all set in historical context and costume.’’
Benjamin Costello – Director of Music at Shrewsbury House

Preparatory School for Boys, Surbiton

The Princes in the Tower gave an exuberant and informative workshop to Year 4, which had all the children engaged and focused on life at the court of Henry VIII. A unique and memorable opportunity! Thank you, Princes!

Mrs Colclough – Director of Music at The Mall Preparatory School, Twickenham